Seeing The Best UK Art By Car

When art is all around us, what’s the best way of accessing it? While there are museums all over the country conveniently tucked in to our cities, there are some pieces out there that take a little effort to get to. That doesn’t mean you should give up on going to see some the UK’s most incredible works. Here are four pieces of art across the country you can only reach by car.

Snapshots of Christmas

Cold days. Colder nights. Fires lit and glowing lights dotted all over the room. It’s a picture that’s all over the world. It’s a picture perfect way to describe Christmas in the evening.

When A Fire Starts To Burn

Fire. Its the most powerful element in its ability to stun and entertain anyone willing to standby and spectate.

The Art of Comics
super-hero-marvel-heroe-s-for-desktop-and-mobile-devices-687261 - Copy

Comics have been a popular medium for artist for most of the last century. Almost everyone has at some stage read a comic and can name a number of comic book characters with ease.

The Beauty Of Abandonment
abandoned car

Whereas our last post centred around stunning photos of large cities that are overgrown and overpopulated, there are places in the world there are devoid of life and have been abandoned.

Brand Image – Advertising or Art?

The term ‘brand’ or ‘branding’ has somewhat negative connotations in the art world.

Portrait Of A City

Sometimes an image can encapsulate more about a city than locals would ever admit to. Taking a dramatic image of a city relies on a number of variables.

Turning Food In To Art
salami river

For the last three years, the Experimental Food Society has showcased ways to make food look desirable in a completely ridiculous manner.

A Print to the Finish
Gold Flag

The world of print is a vast one and you can see examples everywhere from the world of business to advertising to art.

Comic Books Heroes Like Us
Judge Dredd

Halloween may have been and gone for another year but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people in the world who take dressing up very seriously.

Stepping In The Canvas
fun shoes

Converse have been courting musicians heavily over the last decade as representatives for the brand. It’s not uncommon to see your favourite musician decked in a pair of chucks but it’s quite rare

Getting A Portrait Of The Big Day

It was common for newly married couples in the early 20th century to get a wedding portrait together.