Portrait Of A City

Sometimes an image can encapsulate more about a city than locals would ever admit to. Taking a dramatic image of a city relies on a number of variables. You have to figure out which time of day is best to capture everything, how to manage scale, is it easier to take everything in from distance or does height work better when trying to construct the frame.

Here are some examples of cityscapes from around the world that show how even the most concentrated man made areas can have a sense of beauty and wonder about them.



The city of seoul towering above even the hills that surround it.


Taken by

 This is San Pedro Garza Garcîa. It is the wealthiest municipality in South America. It mightn’t seem stunning to most, but notice how the mountain in the background seems to phase out in favour of the new and manufactured elements of the city where telegraph poles are cemented in the centre.



The urban sprawl of Calgary, Canada and the further sprawl of nature beyond that.

hong kong

The compact nature of Hong Kong juxtaposed with the Pearl River running right through it.


Darjeeling, India. Notice how this view isn’t taken from far back. The frame is just as cramped as the dwellings within the picture.