A Grass House That Grows

Over in Northern Ireland the city of Derry/Londonderry has seen a lot of features and exhibits that it would never have had the chance to experience before. Thanks mostly to it being the UK’s first City Of Culture, the art scene has descended on the city to create completely original pieces that compliment the landscape and cherish the history.

One piece though is showing the power of nature in an unusual way. The duo of Ackroyd and Harveyhave turned the facade of a former army barracks in to a unique living art work by covering it entirely in grass.

cunningham building in derry

The Cunningham building used to house army wives whose husbands were stationed in the city but became a disused space after the barracks shut down. This extreme transformation tries to showcase how an empty space can become something entirely different and function can change. The site on which the barracks once were has been used as a concert venue over the last year, showing how a site once associated with violence can now be seen as peaceful.

cunningham building in l/derryThe main thought to take away from a visit is that anyone can alter what a garden or green space could and should be. The building itself should be seen as irrelevant while the grass growing has to be seen as more important.