A Print to the Finish

The world of print is a vast one and you can see examples everywhere from the world of business to advertising to art.

In advertising print is still a key weapon in the arsenal of any company looking to get brand recognition and appeal to the public. They can appear everywhere from high end fashion magazines to free newspapers that commuters see on a daily basis.

Businesses might use managed print services to help deal with print assets and everything from storage to distribution including documents, manuals allowing the companies to produce and maintain the high standards and professional reputation they will have built up, to find out more in depth about this fascinating realm of print management go to http://www.communisis.com/our-services/our-services-detail/print-management.

For art fans owning an original artwork of their favourite artists is not always an option due to the cost and one way to appreciate art in your home is by purchasing prints. It can also be a wise investment in emerging artists as prices can rise dramatically if the popularity of the artist in question grows.

Looking at the likes of Banksy as an example people who were astute enough to invest in early, numbered prints have seen the value go through the roof. You could be expected to pay thousands of pounds for  some of the prints so finding the next rising stars of the art world could be a great way to invest for the future.

Art prints are an extremely lucrative way for artists to fund their talent and occupation and limiting the print run will make the work more valuable in time.

Here are some prints by Banksy that you can get on the market if you happen to have a spare £6000 or so or you would like to invest in an artist that continues to capture the imagination of the public.

Banksy - Colour Trolleys Banksy - CYW QJG Banksy - Golf Sale Banksy - HMV Banksy - Soup Purple Banksy - Soup Yellow Banksy - Worthless cnd Gold Flag jackjill laughnow napalm