Art That Is Skin Deep

For some people their skin is the best canvas from which to express themselves. A tattoo can be more than just a novelty or a reminder of a dare from a wild night. The popularity of having one has never waned. Nowadays a tattoo is commonplace in society and the celebration of what is seen as a perfectionist’s artform means that conventions have gone from being a medium for tattooists to all fans of the practice getting to see the best looking work from around the world.

With the rise of technology being used for cosmetics purposes, doing everything from having a tattoo to laser lipo, has become much easier. The way we can improve and look after our skin with new treatments is just amazing. These days we even put the trust of the needle in the hands of robots with 3D printers that can give you tattoos with extreme precision.

These images are all from this year’s London Tattoo Convention and show just how much detail can go in to creating permanent pieces of work.

Jakub displays a tattoo on his head

A man shows his tattoo at the London Tattoo Convention

Matt Grosso displays a tattoo on his head

International Tattoo Convention, London, Britain - 27 Sep 2013