Autumnal Strokes

As much as there’s a change in the air approaching autumn, its also time for a new exhibit  to take place celebrating british art’s relationship with the outdoors. The Turner Contemporary in Margate is housing works by John Constable and JMW Turner showcasing their outstanding landscapes.

Malvern Hall

In the 18th century this kind of work wasn’t necessarily rare but was a grand shift from the usual studio work that everyone was used to. Whether it was the countryside, cities, river or just great scenery, these works aren’t that well known and in most cases are rare pieces.

Moonrise on the Yare

If you get a chance to go we highly recommend it if only for John Crone’s Moonrise on the Yare. Its a dawn emerging that we think manages to capture so much more about a small crook than a regular landscape could. It’s not a sense of foreboding in the day ahead but optimism at it’s earliest chance.

The exhibition runs from October 5- January 5.