Banksy Making Tracks In NYC

The man who made art fun and easily accessible for many Londoners over the last few years has taken to the big apple this month to excite art lovers, entertain the hip and keep people guessing where he’ll pop up next.

From his well publicised Central Park stall where he sold $20 000 prints for $60 to having a lorry of cuddly toes drive around a meat packing district, every day a new piece is being touted about online and instantly shown off.

Having the actual city as his space is creating quite a surprising residence. Here are just some images showing what he’s been up to.


sirens of the lambs

Sirens Of The Lambs: A meat processing lorry that had cuddly toys sticking out the sides while sounds of animal squealing were played .
occupy the musical

The Musical Day: Cheapening the effect of graffiti with a quick ironic stencil.

911 flower

A small stencil in Tribeca with a flower covering the first World Trade tower to be hit.

quote art

Having fun with a famous movie quote in Queens.