The Art of Comics

Comics have been a popular medium for artist for most of the last century. Almost everyone has at some stage read a comic and can name a number of comic book characters with ease. It may then seem strange to think that there was once a time when these illustrated wonders did not exist and no one had ever heard of Batman, Judge Dredd or the X-men.

Comics can trace their heritage back as far as 1842 however the first it would not be until 1933 that the first comic book was published the USA. Since then however a number of publishers have come to dominate the comic world. Marvel in particular has given us some our best loved childhood heroes including Spider Man, The Hulk and Captain America. The art work produced by the animators makes for something to admire and has created images that are embedded our psyche and culture. The popularity of the Marvel universe may have declined in print form although it seems to be moving from strength to strength in films, video games and associated merchandise.

The legacy of these books is without doubt lasting and for those who appreciate for the many works of art found within them, collecting these classics to preserve and enjoy in the future is a joy.

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