New Lipo Options

Over the years cosmetic surgery has lost any kind of stigma it once had and has become as common place as a visit to the dentist or hairdressers.

There are different reasons why this might be the case with one being people are more open about beuty techniques and procedures and the other being the vast improvement in technologies allowing these procedures to be carried out quickly, safely and for a good price in a professional setting.

One procedure that has been growing in popularity is Laser Lipo that allows patients to enjoy great results with minimally invasive procedures that would previously have been much more complicated.

There are two forms of laser lipo, External Liposuction and Internal Laser Liposuction.

External Liposuction sees a laser (Pad or pen) passed over the area before surgery and Internal Laser Liposuction is when a laser device is attached to a fibre optic probe or suction device which is then inserted into the area that is to be treated.


While it will offer great results it will be up to the patient to then maintain that through a healthy lifestyle which may include a better diet and different forms of exercise.


Costs can vary depending on who you are seeing but they have dropped in years due to the technology around the procedure improving and becoming more widely available. Looking around for the best options on laser lipo shouldn’t be down to just cost and you should make an effort to find out a bit more about the specialist before making any decisions.


Researching different specialists is also a lot easier than it used to be with the option of looking online and reading reviews as well. You will be able to look for the best clinics that provide laser lipo near you or if you are willing to travel you can search wider afield. You will only be considered in most cases if you are over 18 and are undergoing a diet and exercise regime.

If you are considering Laser Lipo as an option there are several resources available online and you should also consult your GP before making any decisions. Prior to any procedure you should have a consultation with the specialist to discuss your individual case and ask any questions you may have. This will also give the specialist the opportunity to review your case and make sure it is the best option available to you.