An Artistic Approach At Home

It’s not that hard to turn the functional in to the fashionable at home. Just take a look at what you use in each room. Take a few seconds to really concentrate on the objects around you and wonder how they make you feel. If they look dull to you then they’re going to make you feel this way. We have just a few select objects to show you that can help transform your home from mundane to the superb.



This first example shows just how much a room can be transformed by shape. What would be under-looked units in the kitchen now stand out thanks to the unusual shape and how they treat light. Just notice how there aren’t even any handles on the cabinets. It looks flawless.



These unusual looking hatstands will make any visitor stop and take notice coming in to your home. There is a level of playfulness  with these stands. They don’t impose the space yet have a stature.

We really like these leather stools. They look contemporary and fun. When you take notice of the structure being tight you can be mistaken for thinking there is a cross-stitch effect in place here. The real beauty comes from how each stool looks as though it is floating off the floor.