Radiate Your Home With A Bold Look

It’s an oft overlooked area of the home due to it’s stationary nature. The radiator rarely acts as the stand out feature in any room but you can easily change that. When designing a new living space take in to account how you want to heat it. Thinking outside the box can be a rewarding experience.We have some stunning examples to show you that you can radiate a room in more ways than one.

dicey heat

This colourful dice design was made with space in mind. It hangs on the wall as its own piece of art that will fool anyone who comes to visit. We think it is a perfect fit for anyone living in an apartment or a small home, affording you that extra bit of floor space. If you’re thinking how to achieve this, there are a number of sleek looking panel radiators that will work just as well.
installation heater

This design is quite baffling. It just doesn’t even look like any contemporary heater we’ve seen before. Reminiscent of outstanding rock formations you’d see on the side of desert highways this design (dubbed the Rock & Roller) is just beautiful. We can see it in place of a corner lamp. If you don’t feel boisterous to go for a design like the one above it also comes in a more sleek metallic finish pictured below.
rock heater

If you’re looking for an affordable contemporary radiator, we happened to find a great selection on Trade Radiators site. You can look at some of their radiators here. They’re a lot more clean cut and fashionable for any home no matter what your budget.


Just look at this Anthracite radiator they have on offer. It would be a perfect fit for any room. Whether you’re looking for a full length mirror in the bathroom/bedroom or to add a contemporary feel to your living area you’ll want one as good as this. As long as it radiates your senses as much as it does the room, you’ll see how transforming this overlooked feature will work wonders.