A Quick Bite That Excites

We’ve already shown you images of art inspired by everyday living and now we’ve found some gorgeous photos showcasing the simplest of activities: grabbing a snack on the go. Everyone has pulled up by a snack van on a long journey and spent a long afternoon in a greasy spoon.

In a world where everyone is keen to photograph their meals and and share it online before even taking a bite, it’s refreshing to see such great images of simply made food that would make anyone lick their lips in anticipation.

All images were taken by Stefan Wermuth.

A cheeseburger with onions at a snack trailer along the A49 near Tittensor

An egg and a sausage fry on a grill in May's snack van along the A22 near C

Scrambled eggs and bacon on toast at a roadside cafe along the A59 near Saw

Claire-Suzanne Izard prepares food in her snack trailer along the A421 near