When A Fire Starts To Burn

Fire. Its the most powerful element in its ability to stun and entertain anyone willing to standby and spectate.

There can be something of an art to capturing fire. Everyone will be easily impressed by the fantastic skills fire-eaters/breathers possess. There is something of a mystery to fire though its in unpredictable nature that makes it so exciting.

Fire is something that can’t be fully controlled or monitored. When you capture images as beautiful as these below, you’ll see how fire can completely consume something and define an object whilst destroying it.


A piano engulfed in flames. Notice how the flames rise from between the keys.


An armchair  just at the point where the material combusts.


A lantern in the process of being lit.


An abandoned car set alight.

crowd burning man

A tent from the Burning Man festival. The festival is famous for its mantra of self-reliance. It takes place in the middle of Black Rock Desert, Nevada. The idea behind it is that a festival space is created and once the festivities end, the entire place is either dismantled or burnt to the ground to leave no trace that it was ever there.