Blockchain Technology disrupting your industry

The blockchain is a distributed ledger technology, things like Bitcoin use this technology. It gives people a way to record and transfer data that is transparent, safe, audible and resistant to outages. The blockchain has the ability to make the organizations that use it transparent, democratic, efficient, secure and decentralized. 

The blockchain will disrupt many industries in the next 5 to 10 years. These are some of the industries it’s already disrupting. 

1 – Banking

The most obvious industry is the banking industry. There is a theory that the blockchain will do what the internet has done media. Blockchain technology can be used to give billions of people around the world access to financial services.  Currencies like Bitcoin let anyone send money with low fees and pretty much instantly. Banks are investing in blockchain projects and start ups too.  

2 – Cyber Security

Although the blockchain is public, the data is encrypted. The blockchain works on something called sha256 encryption. This was developed by the US central intelligence agency.  The data has to be verified and encrypted with advanced cryptography. This means the data can’t be meddled with if you don’t have authorization. There have been loads of attempted hacks already.

3 – Supply Chain management 

Blockchain technology can greatly reduce time delays and human errors too. It’s also great when used to monitor costs, labor, waste, and emissions! 

4 – Networking

Having your data on a centralized server would be extremely vulnerable to hacks, data loss or human error. However, if you have technology that lets cloud storage to be more secure and robust against attacks then you would be doing good. Good thing we’ve got blockchain technology then isn’t it! Check out Storj, 

5 – Private Transport

The blockchain can allow users to arrange the terms and conditions for transportation in a secure way without third parties knowing. This is great 

6 – Music

The music industry has taken a big hit in the recent years. There are so many cuts and commissions involved in the music industry that when the artist receives their share they’re getting the crumbs. There are server start-ups appearing that are coming up with new ideas so musicians get paid directly from their fans. Just now musicians have to give up a large chunk of their sales to platforms or record companies. 

Smart contracts can also be used, this will make licensing issues easier to solve and will help catalog songs with their original creators easier too. 

7 – Real Estate 

Blockchain technology can speed up transactions by reducing the paper based record keeping you see in today’s real estate market. This is also much safer, can help with tracking, ensures the accuracy of documents, helps verify the ownership and makes transferring property deeds much much easier too. Overall blockchain technology will revolutionize the Real Estate market. 

Less developed countries will most likely pick this up first but I’d say in the next 10 years or so it will become the standard. This will reduce legal, accounting and transaction cost too and most of all reduce fraud. However with that being said Blockchain Technologies are still in the very early stages right now and need to be looked at carefully. Make sure you talk to experts and get legal advice. Try companies like Goodwin Law for this.