The Beauty Of Abandonment

Whereas our last post centred around stunning photos of large cities that are overgrown and overpopulated, there are places in the world there are devoid of life and have been abandoned.

With an indescribable atmosphere and level of eeriness, seeing somewhere that was once full of life can be both haunting and profoundly beautiful.

Here are some images of abandoned buildings and cities from around the world.

Abandoned barn

An abandoned barn in California. Notice the stacked chairs to the right indicating this was once more than just an empty shell.


brewster projects


The Brewster Projects in Detroit. It’s just one of many deserted housing areas in the city.


An abandoned church in Philadelphia. A mixture of grandeur and emptiness.


A Burger King in New York state that was abandoned in the 80s and has remained untouched.


ta prohm

An abandoned temple Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

paris rail

A disused railway line in the suburbs of Paris.