Seeing The Best UK Art By Car

When art is all around us, what’s the best way of accessing it? While there are museums all over the country conveniently tucked in to our cities, there are some pieces out there that take a little effort to get to. That doesn’t mean you should give up on going to see some the UK’s most incredible works. Here are four pieces of art across the country you can only reach by car.

another place

Another Place
Outside of Liverpool, these sculptures from Anthony Gormley are the only thing you’ll find close to a sunbather on this non-bathing beach. Most of the year, unsurprisingly, the beach can be a cold and windy place which helps adds a level of brazenness to those figures dotted around the horizon. When the tide is low its easy to see the figures that stretch out over 3km from the water’s edge. Every figure weighs a lot (roughly 650kg) and is a rough model of Gormley himself, looking outwards.

let the dance begin

The Millennium Sculpture (Let The Dance Begin)
It was quite a habit for councils across the UK to tack on ‘millennium’ to anything built at the turn of the last century. And while it might have led to what is now a somewhat unoriginal name for many buildings and sculptures, there are instances where the official name doesn’t matter so much. On a roundabout in the small town of Strabane in Northern Ireland is this sculpture which is made up of five bronze figures that are each roughly 18 foot in height. They sit right on the border between the North and South of the country are stand as a symbol of a once physically divided community now brought together through a common bond.

v and a dundee

V&A Dundee
Colour us impressed by this stunning new gallery in Dundee. It’s the first museum of design in the UK that is outside of London and is located in a rather unique location, down by the water’s edge. The building itself is quite a unique shape (created by Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma) and reason enough to visit. We love how it’s currently be described as a ‘living room for the city’, with the aims of rejuvenating the Dundee Waterfront.

angel of the north

Angel of the North
Anthony Gormley’s most famous piece and one that sits right by a motorway, the Angel of the North dwarfs anyone on approach. We love the fact that anyone can just park right by and walk right up and statistics consider it to be one of the most viewed pieces of art in the world (just thank of how many people drive by it everyday). The sculpture was also built to last and can withstand gusts of up to 100mph s there’s no excuse not head on a blustery day either.


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