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In a world where content and quantity is often confused for context and quality, Tatemag.com is here to show you the finest offerings from the world or art, architecture, fashion, finance, health, home, technology and travel. We’ll become your personal guide to having and maintaining a more lavish and stylish lifestyle.

If you know nothing about what to follow in the world of art, we’ll narrow the field down to show you the best pieces you can see anywhere in the world today.

We’ll look at some of the best architecture from around the world. From the most stylish living space and six star hotels to the biggest and best modern buildings, we’ll highlight the most gorgeous looking constructions.

With so many different avenues out there to look at, we’ll find the finest looking fashion that is exactly on trend. No matter what price it is, as long as it looks fantastic we’ll showcase it to you.

To help you live a Tatemag.com life, we’ll also share the best financial tips available. We’ll show you how to minimize your expenditure and show you how those with more money than sense manage to preserve their standard of living.

Nothing is more important than looking after yourself and we’ll give you advice on how to live a healthier life, what foods are in season right now and what’s trending in the culinary world. We’ll ask the best people in fitness for those tips and tricks to help keep you in peak physical condition with the best exercise hacks.

For us a home isn’t a castle but a canvas that represents who you are. We’ll be showing off the most high tech pieces for your home as well as the most contemporary living styles and in demand items.

And if you’re like us and spend as much time in the air as you do on the sofa, we’ll be sharing our favourite nightspots from around the world. If you want to know what it’s like to having the best rum on a beach in Belize, the fluffiest pancakes in Holland of the best fast food in L.A., Tatemag.com will be your travel almanac no matter what you want to go.

Tatemag will be your umbrella covering the most stylish ways of living and making sure our content is nothing but high quality.